Classes WE OFFER

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Tiny Tots- Age 18 mo-2.5 yrs

Parents are welcome inside the classroom in this 45 minutes of creative movement education incorporating rhythm, pre-ballet, relaxation, puppet-theatre, and stories. 

Twinkletoes- Age 3

45 minutes of creative movement education incorporating rhythm, yoga, pre-ballet, relaxation, puppet-theatre, and stories. 

Storybook- Age 4

45 minutes of a unique approach to pre-ballet and movement education through dances, acrobatics, and stories. 

Kinderdance- Age 5

60 minutes of pre-ballet, dance, tap, acrobatics, and the overall pleasure that comes from learning to dance. Classes alternate with 3 weeks of pre-ballet/tap and 1 week of acrobatics. 

Teen Dance- Age 11+

Encompassing a multitude of styles of dance, from hip hop to jazz to contemporary to ballet, this program is designed for dancers who begin their dance training later in life. Dancers age 11 and up entering class as beginners are encouraged to join their peers in these levels.

Hip Hop

A dynamic style of dance with unique history incorporating athleticism and musicality to a high degree. Minimum one year of jazz technique is recommended.

Adaptive Dance

Designed for children and young adults with special needs. We focus on stretch, strength, coordination, balance, and rhythm in our upbeat classroom environments. Our instructors are certified in Rhythm Works Integrative Dance to meet each individual dancer's needs, whether it is physical or intellectual disabilities. These classes bring the joy of dance to those looking for a creative outlet while utilizing therapeutic exercise!


Classical ballet is taught in beginning levels I-III, intermediate level IV, and advanced levels V and VI. Pointe class for ballet is incorporated into the intermediate level. A minimum of three years ballet and 10 years of age is required for pointe.


Classical jazz will focus on learning proper dance technique such as isolations of the body, improving performance quality, and developing complex rhythms and progressions.

Contemporary & Lyrical

A fusion of modern, jazz, and ballet dance, contemporary and lyrical styles are high in demand and ever-evolving. Contemporary features a more modern-based style while lyrical contains a more ballet-based curriculum. Minimum two years of ballet technique to place in both contemporary and lyrical.


Students hone a new sense of rhythm in this classic style, with levels from beginning to advanced. Tap shoes are required.