Momentum Dance Studio sees dance education as not only a way to encourage imagination and creativity, but also a means to encourage discipline, self-esteem and self-confidence. We are dedicated to promoting a love of the arts and providing a high level of professional instruction.


Momentum is a values-based organization and we hold our students and staff to a high expectation of acting by these values:

-Love for dance and others

-Building self esteem

-Lifelong learning


-Going above and beyond

Born out of The Dance Studio, Ltd., Momentum Dance Studio has a unique and innovative, as well as dependable approach to dance instruction.We teach solid dance techniques founded in classical ballet, lyrical, jazz, tap and hip hop hand-in-hand with concepts of preparation, practice, focus, team work and conduct. These concepts are vital to child development from preschool through the critical teenage years. Many of our students, even those not planning a career in dance, stay with us through their high school years, because we celebrate all of our students, regardless of their level of achievement.


Our dancers learn professional-level technical skills in their field of dance with our expert instructors. They develop a more creative imagination and a respect and joy for all art forms. But most of all, they develop confidence, strength of character and self-esteem.


Momentum Dance Studio will make a positive, lasting difference in your child’s life, and will always be a place they call home.